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May 17th 2017 SHEC was officially listed on the NEEQ stock market.
Aug 28th 2016 Total sales of TPH from SHEC exceeds 100 million pieces.
Jun 29th 2016 SHEC South Korea Liaison Office was officially set up.
Oct 16th 2015 SHEC celebrated its 20th anniversary at the auditorium of Shandong University (Weihai).
Aug 24th 2015 SHEC Japan office relocated from Amagasaki to Takaratsuka.
Jun 23rd 2015 SHEC was accredited as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by China Customs from AA credit rate.
Aug 28th 2014 SHEC finished its joint-stock reform.
Jan 6th 2014 Long Endurance Label Printhead was conferred Outstanding Technical Innovation Achievement Award in Shandong province.
Oct 18th 2013 The new product i-TPH release meeting was held on the Remax Asia Expo held in Zhuhai.
2013 We held iTPH (Intelligent Printing Head) New Product Release Meeting during Zhuhai International Consumable Exhibition.
2012 Participating in the《General specification for thermal transfer ribbons》national standards enactment.
2011 Tube printing thermal print head won the second prize of Weihai IDZ Science and Technology Award
2010 CCIA awarded SHEC as independent innovation enterprise Growth Awards. The application of Thermal technology in advertising industry won the Advanced Project and Example Case Awards.
2009 The thermal technology and it’s industrialization won the prize of The Technical Invention of Information Industrial.
2008 The TPH in tube printing application and the TPH with hard coating got the authentication of Shandong Science and Technology Agency and the prize of International Advanced Technology.
2007 The high printing speed label TPH obtained the authentication of Shandong Science and Technology Agency and won the first prize of Shandong Technology Innovation Assessment.
2006 The TPH patented project won the China Outstanding Patent Award issued by SIPO.
2005 It was awarded the three star level of Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise in Weihai.
2004 The CMS initial meeting was held.
2003 The WHEC Joint Venture Contract was signed.
2002 Got the certification of ISO9001/14001.
2001 The cumulative production of TPH/CIS reached 10 million.
2000 Got the ISO9002 Certification.
1999 The cumulative production of TPH/CIS reached 5 million.
1998 The key project of facsimile machine passed the national acceptance.
1997 The cumulative production of TPH/CIS reached 100 thousand.
1996 The TPH pilot run was started.
1995 SHEC was formally founded.


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Shenzhen Office

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Japan Office

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South Korea Office

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Manan-gu, Anyang-si,Gyeonggi-Do, Korea


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